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Zulfiqar Name Meaning In Urdu

Zulfiqar meaning urdu
The name Meaning of Zulfiqar is زوالفقار and It's meaning in Urdu Language is تلوار ( حضرت علی ر-ض ) . It is a common word from Arabic language, and used as a baby Boy name in Islam Religion . It's Gender Is Male. Often the Parents of Islam Religion Choose this for their Muslim Boys Name . In Our opinion , To Select This for You child will be better because this gives us beautiful signification for Selection of a Boy Name. Or if you are from Muslim Religion and looking for Beautiful unique name for your child This is perfect for your baby .To find out more information about This Like , Its Lucky number , Religious importance of and also the other information see below

Meaning:زوالفقارتلوار ( حضرت علی ر-ض ):معنی

Lucky Number Of Zulfiqar

2 is the luckiest number .

Some Other Meanings

Sword (a` Weapoon ) of Hazrat Ali R.A

Other Spellings

Zolifqar , Zolifqaar , Zulfiqaar

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